Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guiding Reading K-1

I too attended the Guided Reading K-1 that Marissa attended. Since she was so thorough in her post(Thanks Marissa) I will just post the highlights that I found most interesting. Of course all this was new to me since I haven't taught reading in about 7 years.

Mrs. Clark said "Guided reading should be long stretches of accurate reading."

Introducing the text: She gave the example of how often do we ever pick up a book without knowing anything about it. Whether it is a friend telling us about it, reading the cover, or reading a review we almost always have an idea about what we are getting ready to read. The same should be true for children. They need to be introduced to a book before being asked to read it.

During book introduction if your students won't stay with you or are are reading the words during your picture walk then you don't have to give them their own books or as one teacher suggested you could use a card to cover the words as you go through the book. You also don't have to go through each and every page only those with challenges.

Mrs. Clark also told she liked to use the term "book walk" instead of "picture walk".

Each child in your guided reading group does not have to read to you every day.

Teaching decisions K-1 specific (sorry 2-5)
If you are writing for the purpose of reading you must write exactly what they say even if it is not correct. This I found especially helpful since with the older kids changing a word of two doesn't have the same effect.

There was so much information presented and I found it extremely helpful. If anyone wants more information please feel free to come see me.

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